Our Drinks

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Local Beer

Draft Beer | 1/2 Pint $4.60-4.76 | Pint $6.36-7.45

There isn’t anything quite like a refreshing, locally made, handcrafted ale. Made with only the freshest ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, try any one of our fine ales and discover your new favorite.

Gahan Sir John A’s Honey Wheat Ale

JohnA.f19bb4dc50A light golden brown brew with notes of honey on the nose and a rounded-off dry & slightly citrusy body.

Gahn Island Red

IslandRed.5f38bd9e27An amber, medium-bodied handcrafted ale with a smooth caramel overtone and bitter finish.

Gahan Iron Bridge Brown

IronBridge.495d3402e2Medium to full-bodied brown ale with a smooth roasted malt flavour and chocolate finish.

Gahan 1772 IPA

1772.0c7c6a37f6Copper in colour, this medium-bodied ale has the IPA characteristics of being high in alcohol with a very bitter finish.

Beach Chair Lager

BeachChair.ef3cd4ff33A crisp, refreshing handcrafted lager that combines Canadian Pilsner malt and that subtle spicy aroma of noble hops.

Gahan Vic Park Pale Ale

VIC-PARKAn APA that’s bold yet easy drinking with a silk malt profile, clean & bright hop flavours and just the right amount of bitterness to finish.

Gahan Blueberry Ale

Blueberry.f47cf3dd31An unfiltered white ale featuring blueberries from Atlantic Canada. Offering a hint of great aroma and sweetness of wild blueberries – not too sweet – just right!

Gahan Seasonal

Seasonal.6263d327d9Ask your server for more details.

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Domestic & Imported

Domestic Draft

Bud Light, Shock Top, Goose Island IPA, Stella, Okanogan Cider ($5-7.39 Pint)


Budweiser, Bud Light, Schooner, Keith’s, Michelob Ultra, Corona, Mongozo, Glutenberg, Gahan Iron Bridge Brown, Gahan Sydney Street Stout ($4.78-8)


Bulwark Cider, No Boats on Sunday ($7.46)



Fuzzy Peach | $15

Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Raspberry Sourpuss, Orange Juice, Toped with 7up topped with Fuzzy Peaches

Blue Lagoon | $15

Berry Acai Vodka, Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, 7up, Swedish Fish

Swipe Right | $15

Gin, Amaretto, Melon, 7up, Cranberry Juice topped with Sour Watermelon Slices

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Double it up for an extra $3.50

Fuzzy Peach | $7.50

Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Raspberry Sourpuss, Orange Juice, Topped with 7-UP

Royal Lemonaid | $7.50

Crown Royal, Triple Sec, Gingerbeer, Squeezed Lemon

Gin & Sin | $7.50

Gin, Raspberries, Lemon, 7up, Simple Syrup

Berry Icy Tea | $7.50

Acai Berry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, muddled with Mixed Berries, Iced Tea

Caramel Apple | $7.50

Vodka, Butterscotch, Sour Apple, White Cranberry, Soda, Sliced Apples

Sweet Right | $7.50

Gin, Amaretto, Melon, 7up, Cranberry Juice

Emoji | $7.50

Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Vodka, muddled with Blackberries, White Cranberry

Berry Mojito | $7.50

Havana Club Rum, Seasonal Berries, Simple Syrup, muddled Limes, Mint, Topped with Soda


Double it up for an extra $3.50


Margarita | $8.50

Strawberry, Raspberry and Lime

Daiquiris | $8.50

Strawberry, Raspberry, Pina Colada and Lime

Richmond Radler | $8.50

SanPellegrino, Crushed Ice and your choice of Sir John A Draught with Watermelon or Blueberry Ale with Raspberry

Tipsy Fisherman | $12

Lime Margarita with an upside down Corona

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5oz | 8oz | Bottle


Trapiche Pinot Grigio ( $ 7 / 11 / 35)
Sterling Chardonnay ( $ 9 / 13 / 38)
Makers Table Sauvignon Blanc ( $ 9 / 13 / 38)
Yellow Tail Riesling ( $ 10 / 14 / 42)
Matua Sauvignon Blanc ( $ 10 / 14 / 42)


Trapiche Malbec Reserve ( $ 8 / 11 / 35)
Weightbridge Shiraz( $ 9 / 13 / 38)
Sterling Merlot ( $ 9 / 13 / 38)
Matua Pinot Noir ( $ 10 / 14 / 42)
The Show Cab Sav ( $ 10 / 14 / 42)


White or Red | $8 Glass or $25 Pitcher


Palm Bay, Rev, Smirnoff Ice | $5.70


Absolut Vodka, a choice of Peach, Watermelon, or Raspberry Liqueur, garnished with Fresh Fruit | $8.50


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