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Music’s Amazing. Customers Craving. Locals Raving.

In 1999 locals, Kevin and Kathy Murphy purchased the Fishbones building and have been operating this unique restaurant ever since. In 2000 Chris Buddan a young enthusiastic 16 year old approached Kevin to help support his idea of developing an entertainment platform for young local musicians. The City Stages Program was created on Victoria Row and to this day continues to grow.

Vic Row has become the  music destination in Charlottetown showcasing  talented local musicians. Fishbones have been supporting local fishermen, farmers, and local musician for the past 15 years. Drop in to see what you’ve been missing.



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Our Team

Some of the strongest bartenders and friendliest staff await!


General Manager:
Helena Wood

Head Chef:
Blaze MacKinnon



Chef’s Q & A

with Head Chef - Blaze MacKinnon

Q: What is the culture at Fishbones?
Blaze: The culture of Fishbones revolves around those perfect summer days – meeting up with friends on the rooftop for afternoon drinks and a few tasty grilled snacks, enjoying delicious meals on the street patio while listening to a street band, or dancing your legs off on a Saturday night to your favourite new song.

Q: What type of music do you like to listen to while working in the BOH?
Blaze: I tend to have a different selection of music on my playlists but to be honest, I love the edm pop remixes and my favourite songs from high school – those are the ones that really get you working.

Q: Any favourite Fishbones memories?
Blaze: There have been many memories made at Fishbones, some best kept secret. One that stands out would be Canada Day, which is always a huge day for the kitchen but also a bigger day for morale.

Q: What are you most excited for this summer at Fishbones?
Blaze: I am 100% excited for everything this summer. As this is my first time being Head Chef, it will be a whole new challenge with ups and downs. I am 105% excited for the rooftop, it’s a huge part of Fishbones and I plan to make sure it’s the best patio around.

Q: What’s it like to be back at Fishbones but as Head Chef this time?
Blaze: It’s still surreal. I have a feeling of accomplishment and after learning different ways of running kitchens through my previous chefs, I plan to put all that to use and make this the best summer Fishbones has ever seen.



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Catering & Private Parties

Let us do all the work

Fishbones is the perfect location for your next dinner party, business meeting, or a casual night out with friends. Looking for a tailored menu? No problem. Our Head Chef and his team can create a menu just for you that will have you coming back for more.

Fishbones Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill – Sit down for 75 ppl. Stand up reception for 100ppl.

For Bookings (May – October) Contact: Helena Wood, General Manager
Work: (902) 628-6569 | Email: fishbones@murphyrestaurants.ca

For Off Season Bookings (October – May) Contact: Kelley Gillis, Catering & Events Manager for Murphy Hospitality Group
Work: (902) 566-3137 | Email: kelley.gillis@murphyrestaurants.ca

Customize your own menu or let our Chefs do the work! Let us make your experience memorable with on or offsite catering: varierty of menu options and customized three course menus from our chefs!



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